International Network for the Study of Late Antiquity


In the last three decades, Late Antiquity (ca. 300-800 AD) has become one of the most intensely researched periods of historical scholarship. But while each year an abundance of new studies dedicated to Late Antiquity appear, the fragmentation of the field into diverse historical, archaeological, and philological sub-disciplines makes it increasingly difficult to follow new developments in the field as a whole. In 2008, scholars from a variety of different countries and disciplines came together to found a Network that offers researchers an international platform for interdisciplinary exchange. The Network enables Late Antique scholars to keep abreast of current research in neighboring disciplines and to conduct a dialogue between academic cultures across national borders. Young scholars in particular are invited to participate in this interdisciplinary exchange by presenting their findings before an international audience. The Network meets every one or two years for a conference whose primary purpose is to foster discussion of recent developments in the field. Participation in the Network and its events is open to all interested scholars. More about the themes of the first meetings of the Network and further information can be found on the following pages.